Atlas or Hatct spare cards

Microcontroller Card

SWA Order No : SWA-1038-A1-R1

Technical Data

  • Based on Microcontroller MC9S12DP512
  • Designed to have following communication ports
  • 2 numbers of RS232 ports
  • 4 numbers of CAN bus
  • 8 number of Analog Inputs
  • Digital data bus for interfacing to Digital input output, PWM modules, MOSFET modules, Resistance modules, LCD board & Power Supply board
  • Facility for can short or can open is available.

Mosfet Card

SWA Order No : SWA-1039-A1-R0

Technical Data

  • 8 output MOSFET Modules
  • RDS is less than 0.05 Ohms.

Resistance Bank-1

SWA Order No : SWA-1040-A1-R0


  • 0-100K ohms resistor selectable from programming terminal.
  • The measurement accuracy is 0.01%
  • it consist of 2 boards
       a)Logic board
       b) Resistance board and Relay modules

Discrete Board

SWA Order No : SWA-1041-A1-R0

Technical Data

  • 8 Digital Output discreet board
  • Output 0.02% accuracy

Power Supply

SWA Order No : SWA-1042-A1-R0

Technical Data

  • Consists of 5V , +/-15V and also Programmable TDK Lambda Dual power supplies
  • Voltage Selectable through programming terminal

    LCD Board

    SWA Order No : SWA-1043-A1-R0

    Technical Data

    • Consists of serially interfaced LCD terminal and also all the outputs of HATCT are available on a female 50 pin connector

      PWM Module

      SWA Order No : SWA-1072-A0-R0

      Technical Data

      • 4 numbers of modulated output card