ET 2000 weigh Feeder

SWA Order No : SWA-1098-A1-R0

Technical Data

  • ET2000 Weigh feeder consists of various sub modules such as
       a) Signal board
       b) Display controller
  • ET2000 Keypad

ET 2000 Signal Board

SWA Order No : SWA-1097-A1-R0

Technical Data

  • It consists of D-A Coverter
  • Gets signal from ET2000 Mother board
  • It converts the signals to 4-20mA

ET2000 Display Controller

SWA Order No : SWA-1108-A1-R0


  • Weighing Scale Controller
  • It has got daughter module for interface to the drive
  • Weighing scale signal is connected directly on the motherboard
  • Used for conveyer operation in SINTERING plant

ET-2000 Keypad

SWA Order No : SWA-1102-A1-R0

Technical Data

  • For operation and function setting of ET2000 system.