Oven control system

SWA Order No :
Electronic control board for Bakery Oven system : SWA-1089-A1-R0
Oven Controller keyboard : SWA-1090-A1-R0
Logic embedded system : SWA-1071-A1-R0
MAX 6675 Interface Card: SWA-1073-A1-R0


  • The major components used in oven are Blower motor, Burner, Turn table motor, Hood motor, Solenoid Valve
  • The Burner is source of heat and runs on diesel or LPG. The burner is located in the Burner chamber.
  • The Blower blows the hot air from burning chamber to the baking chamber of the oven.
  • The baking chamber is the area where the job is loaded on a stand, which is mounted on a turn table.
  • The turn table rotates at a constant pace, which exposes the job evenly to hot air and bakes the food.
  • The solenoid valve controls the water inlet and used for steaming purpose during the baking process.
  • The hood motor is located on top of the baking chamber and used to exhaust the excess steam from the baking chamber after the baking process, with the door closed.