Proportional Amplifier for Rexroth valve control

Microcontroller Based Proportional Amplifier with LCD Display for Valve control. This module is suitable for control of proportional directional valves and pressure valves without position feedback.

Technical Data:

  • Four command values adjustable with potentiometers
  • Differential input
  • Step function generator
  • Ramp generator with five ramp times
  • Two pulsed current output stages
  • LCD display of parameters namely command value(W) and solenoid current (IA & IB) using PIC-Microcontroller
  • Polarity protection for the voltage supply
  • Din-Rail mountable
  • Equivalent to VT 3006 Rexroth
  • DIN RAIL mountable
  • No addition card holder required
Parameter SWA-1031-A1-R1 SWA-1031-A2-R1 SWA-1031-A1-R2 SWA-1031-A2-R2 SWA-1031-A1-R3 SWA-1031-A2-R3
Operating Voltage 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC
Power consumption < 24VA < 29VA 48VA
Input Command values 1 to 4 ± 9 V (reference potential is M0) ± 9 V (reference potential is M0) ± 9 V (reference potential is M0)
Ramp time (setting range 1s to 5s 1s to 5s 1s to 5s