Sensomat Cards

Amplifier Card

SWA Order No : SWA-1046-A1-R0

Technical Data:

POWER SUPPLY Input: 230VAC, Output 24V DC, +/-15V DC,6V DC

PID Controller Card

SWA Order No : SWA-1047-A1-R0

Technical Data

  • Consists of Proportional gain amplifier ,Differential gain amplifier, Integral gain amplifier
  • These are summed and output can be used for controlling hydraulic current .

Reed Relay Card

SWA Order No : SWA-1048-A1-R0

Technical Data:

  • 6 Relay output modules
  • These contacts are used for switching on PID Controller

Analog output card

SWA Order No : SWA-1045-A1-R0

Used for reference value generator

Relay Card

SWA Order No : SWA-1049-A1- R0

Technical Data:

  • 8 Relay output module
  • Used in control circuitry of sensomat