3U Card Extender

SWA Order No: SWA-1080-A1-R0


  • Used for signal checking
  • Servicing of 3U rack cards with Harting connector

I/O Simulator card for Testing

SWA Order No. : SWA-1015-A1-R1

Simulator for two 48 pin Euro connected cards.

SWA Order No. : SWA-1029-A1-R0

Simulator for 96 Pin Euro connected cards with Led indication.

SWA Order No. : SWA-1019-A1- R1

Simulator for 64 pin FCI connected cards

SWA Order No. : SWA-1003-A1- R1

Simulator for 48 pin Euro connected cards

SWA Order No. : SWA-1004-A1-R2

Tacho Simulator for Two Motors O/P


  • Two pulse trains 90 Degree Phase shift
  • Sine Triangle wave signal o/p.
  • I/P 0-24 V DC & Pulse o/p 0-24V DC
  • Encoder simulator & with motor direction reversal