Thyristor Triggering Circuits

Pulse Transformer Assembly

SWA Order No. :
Triggering Thyristors: SWA-1005-A1-R2


  • Pulse Transformer assembly for Triggering Thyristors used in DC drives e
  • Specially suitable SIMDYNE C Drive BHEL / SIEMENS make
  • Pulse transformer assembly equivalent to 6QN1010-4AD

Pulse Amplifier Assembly

SWA Order No. : SWA-1007-A1-R1


  • Pulse amplifier assembly equivalent to 6QN1013-3AD

Pulse Amplifier Assembly using 555 Timer

SWA Order No. : SWA-1081-A1-R0


  • Pulse amplifier card for gate circuit
  • Maximum gate current 500mA
  • Maximum gate voltage 24V DC
  • Used with thruster control drive